Clocked Silk Stockings

Clocked silk stockings. Thigh high, One Size fits most. 70% Silk & 30% Nylon. Available in 4 colors. These have a beautiful clocking pattern on both sides of each ankle.


*Now available in ROYAL BLUE FOR A LIMITED TIME. We have a small quantity from a special dye lot. Some of these have some mild variations in color due to the dye process, so they are each unique. Get a pair while they last!


Historical Note-

"Lace clocks" were a result of various attempts by hosiers in the 1760s to create an openwork fabric, which led to lace clocks, then to machine-made lace. Lace had for centuries been made only by hand. A form of lace was produced on a stocking frame around 1769.


Clocked Silk Stockings


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